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Flax seeds are pleasant to the taste, can be bought from almost any grocery store and their price is low compared to other seeds for sprouts. That’s why I decided to grow sprouts from them, because I always have raw whole flax seeds at home. But it turned out that the technique of growing in a jar is not suitable! When flax seeds are soaked in water, they form a clear mucous substance and to germinate, it must be washed off completely. But washing flax seeds is very difficult when they are in a jar. That’s why I use a plate technique, not growing in a jar.

My method of growing flax sprouts in a plate.. I always start by soaking the sprout seeds in water. For flax sprouts soak for 12 hours 20 g. brown flax seeds in a glass jar, adding 400 ml. filtered water. For soaking seeds or nuts, it is good to use spring or filtered water, not chlorinated and fluoridated tap water! I usually do this in the morning and let the seeds stay that way until the evening. I use a plastic plate for washing fruits and vegetables with holes in the bottom and a diameter of 20 cm, but since the holes are bigger than flax seeds, I also put a piece of mesh fabric.

After the seeds have stood for 12 hours, I drain the water and transfer them to the plate. I spread them carefully in a thin layer on the mesh fabric and wash very well with water. I put the plate on a plate, cover it with a cotton towel and leave it on the kitchen counter. The next morning I wash the seeds again with water and leave them covered – by evening you can already see small white sprouts. I must wash the sprouts with water in the morning and in the evening!

When the flax sprouts become 2 cm high, I start washing them by spraying them with water from a flower sprayer. If they are washed directly with water, they start to fall under the weight of the water and can start to rot! In our kitchen the temperature is 18°C to 20°C, so washing twice a day is enough. I keep the plate in a plate, because this drains the residual water and the sprouts do not rot. On the fifth day the sprouts are over 5 cm high, with long white stems and small green leaves – they are ready to eat. I take out the mesh fabric with the sprouts and cut with scissors as much as I need, and then put them back in the plate on the kitchen counter without covering them. I continue to wash them with water in the morning and evening. Until the seventh day we eat the sprouts, because then their roots become large and begin to rot. That is why it is best to consume between the fifth and seventh day.

Why do I grow sprouts at home? It is very important for me that the food I eat is vegan and gluten free. That is why I am sure that the containers for growing sprouts are not contaminated, because no animal and gluten-containing products enter the house. I grow sprouts that we like as a taste with a lot of love. And I add them to salads, make pesto or sometimes we only eat them. Brown flax sprouts in a plate are grown very easily and with minimal care. They are tender, with a light grassy aroma and a faint flavor of flaxseed – a great addition to any vegetable!