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What makes every day a holiday? When our loved ones are around us, we smile and talk, eat delicious food and enjoy the moment – this is the feeling of a holiday! These are also the moments when we can show off and impress with our culinary skills, because everyone loves delicious food.

Sea, pier and boats lined up around it – this is a sight that always impresses me. And every time I want to recreate it on a plate, but it should be something impressive. On one of our weekly shopping trips, I came across some lovely Jalapeno peppers and thought of little colorful boats. That’s how I decided to create the recipe for Spicy Appetizer “Old Quay”.

Pleasantly hot peppers and tender stuffing with a slight celery aroma, a beautiful platter and a simple arrangement – an impressive addition to any festive table. Jalapeño peppers are slightly to medium hot, and the natural sweetness of the filling further reduces the level of spiciness, so the appetizer is suitable even for people who do not like spicy food. I chose natural tofu and white quinoa flour because they have a neutral taste and a weak aroma, which allows the delicate aroma of the celery leaves to be felt lightly and unobtrusively.

To impress your loved ones, prepare them my Savory Appetizer “The Old Quay”. The recipe is easy and quick to prepare, and the ingredients are readily available – that’s why even novice cooks will do brilliantly with its preparation.

If you want to serve individual portions of an appetizer, put a few of the stuffed jalapeño peppers on suitable plates and add different types of olives along with lemon wedges. Garnish with a few fresh celery or parsley leaves for an impressive look.

If you don’t have jalapeño peppers, you can substitute them with the same amount of other hot peppers – choose peppers as wide as possible so you can fill them with enough of the stuffing.

If you don’t like or don’t have fresh celery leaves, you can replace them with the same amount of fresh parsley, coriander or dill leaves.

Savory Appetizer ”Old Quay”

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Spicy peppers stuffed with tofu


  • 500 g hot jalapeno peppers

  • – baking paper

  • stuffing
  • 200 g natural tofu

  • 100 g white quinoa flour

  • 100 g celery leaves
    can be replaced with parsley leaves

  • 6 g Himalayan pink salt
    can be replaced with any other salt

  • 2 g ground coriander seeds

  • 30 g sesame tahini

  • 150 ml filtered water

Cooking instructions

  • With a kitchen scale and a measuring cup, I weigh all the ingredients of the recipe separately. I carefully wash the celery leaves and dry them, with a sharp knife I cut them as small as possible. Using the blender’s dry grind attachment, I grind the weighed amount of white quinoa into flour.
  • I wash the jalapeno peppers well and dry them. With a sharp knife, carefully cut each pepper lengthwise into 2 halves, keeping the stem as well. With a small knife, I carefully cut out the inside with the seeds to make room for the filling and cut it into very small pieces.
  • In a bowl, I crush the natural tofu very finely, add the salt and ground coriander. I add the chopped celery leaves, the chopped insides of the chillies and the white quinoa flour, then the sesame tahini and the filtered water. I mix well until a uniform mixture is obtained.
  • I line a shallow metal tray with baking paper. With a small spoon, I take the prepared mixture and carefully put it in the halves of hot peppers, pressing lightly so that the entire interior is evenly filled. I arrange the stuffed pepper halves tightly on the baking paper. I put the metal tray in a preheated oven at 180°C with a fan and bake for 20 minutes or until the surface of the filling is slightly reddened. I take the pan out of the oven and leave it aside to cool for 5 minutes.
  • The completely cooled stuffed peppers can be put in a box with a lid and stored in the refrigerator – this way they can be stored for up to 3 days.
  • I carefully arrange the baked stuffed jalapeño peppers on a beautiful platter and serve as an appetizer for a holiday lunch or dinner.


  • Nutritional value per 100g. product:
  • Energy value – 128.43 kcal
  • Proteins – 7.29 g
  • Carbohydrates – 10.43 g
  • Fat – 3.37 g
  • Fiber – 3.59 g