One of the most easily available fresh vegetables in winter and spring is radishes. They are crispy and juicy, with a light aroma – this makes them suitable for any combination. When I buy radishes, I try to take bundles of fresh leaves, because that guarantees me fresh vegetables.

I put them in a box with a lid and put them in the fridge, so they stay fresh for up to 5 days. I don’t throw away the leaves, I cook them instead of spinach leaves – they are great for soups and stews. I also cook radishes, but that’s another topic of conversation. I love radishes so much that I can eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And I often eat them between meals during the day instead of eating fruit. I love them natural – slightly crunchy, juicy and with a subtle spicy taste. Diversity in nutrition is important, so I combine them with whatever I can think of. Usually I add parsley leaves and ground black pepper to the radishes, but I have mint in a pot on the balcony and decided to do something different this time. The red color of the radishes was complemented by the green color of the mint leaves and to keep the slightly spicy taste of the salad I decided to add sumac instead of black pepper. The spice sumac colored the white of the radishes slightly pink, but added depth to their taste. The salad is so delicious – crunchy, slightly spicy, slightly sour, with a slight exotic taste of added sumac.

Salad ”Spicy freshness”

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Radish salad with mint


  • 340 g red radishes

  • 20 g extra virgin grape seed oil

  • 1 g grated rind of organic lemon

  • 5 g lemon juice fresh from organic lemon

  • 1 g sumac /Sicilian sumac/

  • 1 g Himalayan salt

  • 2 g fresh mint leaves


  • I cut the radish leaves and set them aside for cooking – I add them to dishes instead of spinach. I separate the leaves from the mint stalks. I wash the radishes and leaves very well under running water.
  • I cut the radishes into pieces and put them in a bowl. I cut the mint leaves into pieces with my hands and add them to the bowl with the sliced radishes.
  • I wash a organic lemon well with lukewarm water. Grate its rind on a fine grater and add it to the radish bowl. Cut the lemon in half and squeeze the juice into a glass.
  • In a small glass jar, I mix the lemon juice, oil, salt and sumac. Close tightly with a lid and shake the jar until all the ingredients are well mixed – it only takes a few seconds.
  • In the bowl with the radishes, I add the finished dressing from the jar and stir until well mixed. I serve the finished salad on a plate for lunch.
  • Important! In the salad it is not good to replace the organic lemon with ordinary lemon, as its rind is treated with chemicals and is not edible. The peel and juice of organic lemon can be replaced with organic apple cider vinegar.


  • Nutritional value per 100 g. product:
  • Energy value – 60.78 kcal.
  • Protein – 0.97 g.
  • Carbohydrates – 3.89 g.
  • Fat – 5.44 g.
  • Fiber – 1.87 g.
  • The sumac spice gives a slightly sour taste and turns pink. It can be bought from Arab food stores
  • Fresh mint stalks are sold in stores, as well as mint plants in pots for growing at home