What is the secret in making traditional Rural Potato Soup? In our family kitchen it is a tradition to prepare different potato soup for each season of the year. In the spring we usually prepare Rural potato soup with dock leaves and shredded cheese, in the summer we prepare Summer potato soup with new potatoes and green beans. And in the fall, when we pick the ripe potatoes from the field, we prepare Garden Potato Soup with tomatoes and eggplant. In winter we prepare Winter potato soup with carrots and dried red peppers grown in our garden in summer.

Since our traditional family recipe for Rural Potato Soup is made with animal milk cheese, I make my vegan healthy version of the soup. I replaced animal cheese with natural tofu, significantly reduced the amount of vegetable oil, and replaced refined sunflower oil with cold-pressed grape seed oil. Years ago we grew peas in our garden and the soup was made with fresh green peas, but for the last few years we have not planted peas and I use frozen green peas. The preparation of the soup usually takes about 1 hour, but I prefer to cook quickly, so I prepare it in Multicooker. By changing some of the ingredients in our traditional family recipe for Rural Potato Soup, I make a delicious low-calorie soup – healthy vegan and gluten free!

Rural potato soup – a quick and easy dish for dinner! The sweet taste of the potatoes is perfectly complemented by the slightly astringent taste of the dock leaves. The aroma of zucchini combines perfectly with the aroma of dill and celery. And the slightly milky taste of natural tofu unites all tastes and gives the feeling of a rich and filling soup.

Rural potato soup

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Potato soup with dock leaves


  • 130 g frozen green peas

  • 70 g spring onion stalk

  • 150 g zucchini /courgettes/

  • 350 g red peeled potatoes

  • 50 g dock leaves without stems

  • 5 g Himalayan pink salt
    can be replaced with any other salt

  • 1 liter filtered hot water

  • 30 g celery leaves /chervil/

  • 20 g dill leaves /dill weed/

  • 10 g grape seed oil

  • 400 g tofu naturally


  • I wash all vegetables well with water. I cut the spring onion stalks into 0.5 cm pieces. I cut the zucchini into 4 pieces length and then I cut each one into 0.5 cm thick pieces. In the same way I cut the peeled potatoes. Dock leaves cut into small pieces.
  • In the inner bowl of the Multicooker I put the frozen green peas and chopped spring onions, sliced zucchini and potatoes, salt and hot filtered water. I turn on the “Soup” program and set it to 15 minutes. When the soup is ready, I release the steam and open the lid of the Multicooker. I take out the inner bowl of soup and turn off the Multicooker.
  •  I wash the celery leaves and dill leaves well with water, cut them into small pieces and add them to the soup. I add the grape seed oil and mix well.
  • I serve the soup in suitable bowls and put crushed natural tofu on top.


  • Nutritional value per 100 g of product:
  • Energy value – 47.80 kcal
  • Protein – 3.90 g
  • Carbohydrates – 3.10 g
  • Fat – 2.11 g
  • Fiber – 0.73 g
  • The soup is cooked in a Multicooker, but if it is cooked in a pot, the cooking time is 50 minutes!