White or Black? And why not both? Okay – I’ll add both! And what flour? The flour combination is ready, I was just wondering what sesame seeds to add! And what will that actually be? Pancakes for breakfast. Great, should I put them in the pan? Should I turn on the stove, and which pan will you use? Wait, you’re in a hurry. If you want to help me, clean the radishes from the leaves, wash them and cut them. This is a simple conversation early in the morning in our kitchen!

Each of us has a preference – I like to eat something sweet in the morning, and Danail prefers something salty. That’s why I prepare different foods for breakfast every day – sweet or salty. But we both love hot pancakes with vegetable pate and fresh crispy seasonal vegetables. That’s why I make pancakes at least once a week – I make a small amount because we love them warm. And every time I mix different ingredients for different taste and aroma. The combination of chickpeas, rice and amaranth gives the pancakes a taste of warm wholemeal bread with the aroma of roasted sesame seeds! And when you put home-made chickpea pate on top, it’s so delicious that it’s hard not to overdo it. Danail likes to make a pancake sandwich – he spreads a pancake with pate, puts sliced vegetables on top, adds more pate and then another pancake by pressing lightly. It is a real pleasure for me to see happiness in my husband’s eyes when he takes a bite of the pancake sandwich!

Why do I grind my own flour? Because I do not like the combination of ingredients of ready-made certified gluten-free flours. And many of the gluten-free flours offered in our trade network are either unreasonably high, or are produced in a mill, where they grind gluten-containing grains. That’s why I bought some electric coffee grinders to grind beans and seeds into flour, spices and herbs. I know what products come into my kitchen and so I am confident that my food is not contaminated with gluten. For some it may be a mania, but I have a gluten intolerance and even a minimal amount of gluten affects me so badly that I have to seek medical help. I buy a wide variety of gluten-free grains and seeds, so I can boldly experiment in preparing our food.

Pancakes “White or Black”

Course: Breakfasts, Recipes









Chickpea pancakes with white and black sesame seeds


  • 50 g amaranth seeds
    It can be replaced with amaranth flour

  • 50 g white rice
    It can be replaced with rice flour

  • 200 g chickpea flour /gram flour/

  • 2 g Himalayan salt
    It can be replaced with any other salt

  • 3 g citric acid

  • 5 g baking soda

  • 20 g natural sesame seeds

  • 10 g sesame black seeds

  • 20 g extra virgin olive oil

  • 350 ml. filtered water


  • I carefully clean the amaranth and rice grains. Using a kitchen scale, I measure the required amount of them, and then grind them separately into flour with the attachment for dry grinding of the blender. Amaranth and rice grains can be ground into flour with an electric coffee grinder!
  • In a large bowl I put the flour from the ground amaranth and rice grains. I weigh the rest of the recipe dry ingredients – chickpea flour, salt, citric acid, baking soda and both types of sesame seeds. I add the measured dry ingredients to the bowl with the amaranth and rice flours. I mix with a wooden spatula until all the ingredients are evenly mixed.
  • I measure the required amounts of olive oil and water separately. I add olive oil to the bowl with the dry ingredients and then I add the water in portions, stirring well until a homogeneous mixture. Different flours absorb different amounts of water, so I add the water in portions – if necessary, you can add a little more water!
  • I turn on the hob on medium heat and put a pancake pan on top with a non-stick stone coating – if the hob is too hot the pancakes will burn! I wait 2 minutes for the pan to heat up.
  • With a tablespoon I carefully scoop out the pancake mixture and pour into the heated pan, then lightly press the dough with the back of the spoon and with rotating movements spread it aside. My pan is 24 cm in diameter and I put 3 pancakes in it at a time, leaving a space between them so I can easily turn them over. When the edges of the pancakes start to change color, I turn them over with a wooden spatula on the other side. I bake the pancakes 3 minutes on one side and 2 minutes on the other side!
  • I take the baked pancakes out of the pan with a spatula and place them on a tray with a rack on top to cool. I put the pancake mixture in the heated pan in portions until the mixture is finished in the bowl. I try to put the same amount of mixture every time and the finished pancakes are the same weight and thickness. The cooled pancakes can be put in a box with a lid and put in the fridge – they can be stored for up to 3 days! Refrigerated pancakes can be preheated in an oven or toaster.
  • I serve the baked pancakes with home-made chickpea pate and sliced fresh seasonal vegetables.


  • Nutritional value per 100 g of product:
  • Energy value – 240.63 kcal.
  • Protein – 10.33 g.
  • Carbohydrates – 30.63 g.
  • Fat – 8.57 g.
  • Fiber – 4.68 g.
  • From this quantity 12 pancakes of 50 g per piece are obtained