What to cook in 5 minutes? And it’s tasty and easy enough, healthy and vegan, balanced and gluten-free? In such a situation, which is often on the agenda at home, I quickly check the stock in the refrigerator and kitchen cupboard. Thanks to our stock of smart shopping list, there is always enough variety of ingredients for quick meals.

Shelled hemp seed is very often present in our daily menu in various combinations – fruit smoothie or gluten-free pudding for breakfast, sauces for fresh vegetable salads or for delicious roasted vegetables, such as hemp milk or hemp cream for soups and stews, various pâtés and cheese spreads. No need to pre-soak in water, rich in vegetable proteins, with a light nutty taste and high magnesium content. Since we consume about 2 to 3 kilos per month, I buy shelled hemp seed in large 5 kg packages – this way I shop less often and get a much better price compared to the small packages.

In the recipe for hemp cream cheese “Salvini”, I combine several ingredients for a balanced aroma and taste. Fresh sage leaves add a slight green tinge to the mixture and their aroma accentuates the nutty flavor of the hemp seeds. I add dried kelp powder to enrich the cream cheese with useful substances, but this does not change its taste and aroma. Lemon juice gives a slight acidity and freshness to the taste.

Hemp cream cheese “Salvini” is suitable for spreading vegetable cheese, as well as as a protein supplement to fresh or roasted vegetables. It can be served together with gluten-free pancakes or toasted slices of gluten-free bread for breakfast, and also in combination with vegetables for lunch or dinner. Not suitable for freezing or sterilizing, and can be stored in the fridge for up to 3 days – halve the ingredients in the recipe and you’ll make less hemp cream cheese.

If you don’t have kelp powder or you must not consume kelp due to illness or allergy, prepare the recipe without adding this ingredient – it will not change the taste and aroma or significantly affect the nutritional composition of the hemp cream cheese!

If you like spicy food, for a spicy taste of Hemp Cream Cheese ”Salvini”, add chopped green chilies to the ingredients in the blender or sprinkle chili flakes on top when serving.

Hemp cream cheese ”Salvini”

Course: Recipes, Sauces and pâtés









Cream cheese with hemp and sage


  • 150 g hemp seed, peeled

  • 5 g kelp powder

  • 5 g Himalayan pink salt
    it can be replaced with any other salt

  • 3 g fresh sage leaves

  • 50 ml fresh lemon juice

  • 200 ml filtered water

  • 150 g protein pumpkin seeds
    can be replaced with pumpkin seed flour

Cooking instructions

  • With a kitchen scale and a measuring cup, I weigh all the ingredients of the recipe separately.
  • In the jug of the blender I put the peeled hemp seeds and kelp powder, the salt and sage leaves, the freshly squeezed lemon juice and the water. I blend until a smooth homogeneous mixture is obtained.
  • In a bowl, I pour the hemp mixture and add the pumpkin protein, stir until a creamy mixture is obtained. I put the hemp mixture in a box with a lid and put it in the refrigerator – it can be stored for up to 3 days.
  • I put some of the hemp cream cheese in suitable bowls and serve together with roasted or raw seasonal vegetables for a light lunch or dinner.


  • Nutritional value per 100g. product:
  • Energy value – 265.40 kcal
  • Proteins – 24.98 g
  • Carbohydrates – 13.41 g
  • Fat – 14.76 g
  • Fiber – 5.16 g