A wonderful aroma of caramel and cinnamon wafts through our kitchen – it takes me back to my childhood at my grandmother’s! In the winter, she always gave me baked apples or quinces picked from their garden – these were grandma’s desserts, quick and easy to make. Now, on cold winter days, I make baked apples with cinnamon, serve them with our afternoon tea, and remember my grandmother.

In our garden we grow more than 20 trees of different varieties of apples – we have a few trees that ripen in the summer, but we mainly grow autumn and winter apples. That’s why autumn is the big apple picking and sorting! We carefully separate the apples by varieties and arrange them in cassettes, which we store in a dark and cool place. But there is always a large amount of fallen apples from the trees that are injured and cannot be stored for a long time. We collect them and use them to prepare different things depending on their quantity – apple cider vinegar, applesauce without sugar, dried apples for chips, dried apples for fruit tea. And of course, there are enough apples to bake!

I love to eat apples – raw, baked or added to some kind of cake! I usually mix different varieties of apples when baking and that way I get a more intense aroma and taste. Now I decided to combine sweet apples of the Florina variety, sweet and sour apples of the Melrose variety and slightly sour apples of the Jonagold variety. But since the tart apples predominated, I added some agave syrup for added sweetness and sprinkled some Ceylon cinnamon powder on top for a touch of opulence. I necessarily bake the apples in a pan with a lid, because that way they don’t burn and the aroma is richer! I sometimes serve the baked apples warm with aromatic black tea, because they have a richer taste, or cold with coffee, because they have a more intense aroma. My version of ”Grandma’s baked apples” is my favorite quick healthy low calorie vegan dessert with no gluten and no added sugar!

If you want a more intense caramel flavor, replace the amount of agave syrup in the recipe with the same amount of maple syrup.

If you have low blood pressure, replace the amount of Ceylon cinnamon in the recipe with 2 grams of ground green cardamom.

”Grandma’s baked apples”

Course: Desserts, Recipes









Baked apples with cinnamon


  • 550 g apples home grown
    can be replaced with organic apples

  • 20 g agave syrup organic

  • 5 g Ceylon cinnamon powder

  • – baking paper

  • – baking tray with lid


  • I wash the apples and drain them well, cut them into 4 parts lengthwise and cut out the seeds in the middle. I cut each part of the apple into 2 more parts.
  • I cover the bottom of a metal tray with a lid with baking paper, put the pieces of sliced apples and cover with the agave syrup, sprinkle with Ceylon cinnamon and put a lid on top.
  • I put the tray with the apples in a preheated oven at 180°C with a fan and bake for 20 minutes. I turn off the oven and remove the pan, remove the lid and let it cool for 5 minutes.
  • I put pieces of baked apples in suitable plates and serve for dessert – they can be served with black tea or coffee. I put the completely cooled baked apples in a box with a lid and store in the refrigerator – they can be stored like this for up to 3 days.


  • Nutritional value per 100g. product:
  • Energy value – 69.66 kcal
  • Proteins – 0.04 g
  • Carbohydrates – 14.91 g
  • Fat – 0.01 g
  • Fiber – 2.64 g