My brightest memories as a child from the celebration of Christmas Eve are the moments when I received a piece of bread and checked if the coin was inside! The tradition with us on Christmas Eve is for the oldest person to break pieces of bread and give them – the first piece is for God, the second piece is for the house, the third is for the oldest person, then each subsequent piece is given in order at the age of last the youngest person in the family receives a piece of bread, then pieces are left for the animals in the house – from the largest to the smallest, and in the morning they were given to eat, and so the bread ended. The belief is that whoever receives the piece with the coin will keep the money for the coming year!

I continue to follow our tradition and every year on Christmas Eve I make bread with a coin – for the last few years it is gluten free! When I found out about my gluten intolerance and had to stop eating gluten in order for my digestive system to work properly, I missed bread the most. And the experiments began! So over time, I learned how to combine gluten-free ingredients for delicious healthy pastries. And the bread according to this recipe of mine is so delicious that we eat it still warm! Often in the winter I bake the dough in a rectangular shape for bread and make fried slices in coconut oil for breakfast – they become crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, but I will write about that some other time.

Glutenfree bread “Badnik”

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Rice-corn bread with sesame and hemp


  • 160 g rice flour

  • 160 g organic corn flour

  • 50 g amaranth flour

  • 5 g citric acid

  • 7 g baking soda

  • 3 g rock salt

  • 3 g turmeric powder

  • 10 g husk psyllium flakes

  • 10 g natural sesame seeds

  • 10 g golden flaxseed

  • 20 g peeled hemp seeds

  • 20 g extra virgin olive oil

  • 400 ml. filtered water

  • – baking paper

  • – baking dish with a diameter of 24 cm.

  • – 1 piece coin


  •  Using a kitchen scale, I measure the exact amounts of all the ingredients in the recipe. From a sheet of baking paper I cut a circle with a diameter of 30 cm, which covers the bottom and walls of a baking dish with a diameter of 24 cm. I wash the coin very well with warm water and dishwashing detergent, dry it well and wrap it tightly in baking paper.
  • I turn on the oven at 180°C with a fan to heat! I place the griddle in the oven on a medium level, as my baking tin is 4 cm high and so the dough is baked evenly.
  •  In a large bowl, I add the pre-measured ingredients in the order of the recipe – first the flour, then the acid and soda, salt and turmeric, then add the husk and seeds, mix well and finally the olive oil and water. With a wooden spoon, I mix the ingredients until they are mixed into a homogeneous mixture. I let the mixture rest for 10 minutes and stir again – I get a soft yellow dough.
  • I carefully pour the dough into the form on the baking paper and put the coin in the dough so that it is not visible from above. With a spoon, I lightly press and smooth the dough to the bottom to distribute it well – so it bakes evenly and has a good appearance. I make light pressings with the tip of the spoon on the dough and so light patterns are obtained on top of the bread after baking.
  • I put the form with the dough in the preheated oven at 180 ° C with a fan and bake for about 25 minutes – until the bread is slightly red!
  • I take the baked bread out of the tin on a metal rack, wait 5 minutes for it to cool and then carefully remove the baking paper. I leave the bread on the grill to cool completely.


  • Nutritional value per 100 g. product:
  • Energy value – 211.45 kcal.
  • Protein – 5.01 g.
  • Carbohydrates – 35.42 g.
  • Fat – 5.80 g.
  • Fiber – 2.28 g.