It’s holiday! For me, every day is a holiday, after my loved ones are by my side! And there are some special days when I want everything around me to overflow with colors, regardless of the seasons of nature. And what could be more festive than colored candies with the taste of chocolate and spices! And without compromising – healthy, vegan, gluten free and no added sugar, with superfoods for color. I can pamper myself by eating two or three candies without remorse. Delicious, fragrant and colorful – suitable for every day and every holiday, for welcoming guests or as a gift for a friend. I love to cook them because the combinations of ingredients are endless. And when I put them in paper candy tins, they always look spectacular. A box with colored ribbon for a ribbon and I have a gift for every occasion and for every taste.

I associate the feeling of celebration with the colors and taste of chocolate, but I should not eat cocoa because I am allergic. That’s why when I want a chocolate flavor I add carob flour /locust bean flour/. I use natural raisins – they are sweet enough and do not have a pronounced aroma. And the combination of green buckwheat, carob flour /locust bean flour/ and sunflower flour makes the candies soft, stable in shape and with the taste of milk chocolate. But it has a special specific flavor, so I add spices. I use Ceylon cinnamon because compared to ordinary cinnamon it has a softer and unobtrusive aroma, and does not dominate the aromas of other spices. I add ginger powder, which is a natural preservative and prolongs the shelf life of the candies. The aromas of the spices I use in the recipe complement each other perfectly and mask the aroma of buckwheat. I combine colored superfoods with coconut flour for even color, better vision of the candies and more fiber. Something colorful, melting in the mouth, with the taste of chocolate and oriental spices – these are my vegan gluten-free holiday candies with buckwheat and spices.

Candies “Rainbow”

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Festive colored candies with buckwheat and spices


  • 150 g natural raisins

  • 300 ml. hot water

  • 200 g buckwheat green seeds

  • 40 g carob flour /locust bean flour/

  • 1 g ginger dry powder

  • 1 g ground allspice

  • 1 g fennel seed ground

  • 1 g ground cloves

  • 1 g ground cardamom

  • 5 g cinnamon Ceylon powder

  • 1 g grated nutmeg

  • 50 g coconut oil liquid extra virgin

  • 150 g sunflower flour

  • For rolling
  • 20 g coconut flour

  • 2 g chokeberry fruit powder

  • 2 g red beetroot powder

  • 2 g turmeric powder

  • 2 g spirulina green powder

  • 1 g mint leaves dry powder

  • 4 pcs. bowls for color mixtures


  • In a glass jar I measure the required amount of raisins and fill them with hot water, screw the cap on the jar and set it aside for 30 minutes. During this time, the raisins soften and swell, and the water cools.
  • In a bowl I put a jar of coconut oil and add warm water – so for a few minutes the oil liquefies. It must be liquid like oil!
  • I take a tray and cover it with baking paper – I will put the finished candies on it to cool in the fridge. In four bowls I weigh 5 grams of coconut flour. I add mint and spirulina in one bowl, in the second I add chokeberry powder, in the third and fourth I add turmeric and beetroot powder respectively. Stir the color mixtures separately until a uniform color is obtained. The bowls should be deep for easier rolling of the balls!
  • I grind green buckwheat seeds into flour in a blender with a dry grinder. They can also be ground in an electric coffee grinder!
  • In a bowl I put the ground green buckwheat flour and add the pre-weighed spices and carob flour /locust bean flour/ – stir gently until mixed evenly.
  • I pour the softened raisins together with the water into the blender jug and blend until smooth for a few seconds.
  • In the bowl with the dry mixture I add the raisin sauce and the pre-measured amount of liquid coconut oil – mix well until smooth.
  • I measure the sunflower flour and start adding it gradually and in portions to the bowl with the buckwheat mixture. Stir constantly until you get a homogeneous dough. I work with a spatula by sliding the ingredients on the walls of the bowl, but it can be kneaded by hand!
  • Using a kitchen scale, I measure and divide the dough into equal parts. I want each candy to weigh 30 grams, so I make them at 29 grams. each, because after rolling they increase their weight by 1 gram! I knead them with my hands with rotating movements to the shape of a ball. They can be made with a different weight and this will change the number of ready-made candies!
  • I take a ball, put it in one of the color mixtures and carefully roll it evenly on all sides without pressing with rotating movements of my fingers. I take it out of the bowl and put the already colored ball in the tray on the baking paper. I do this with all the balls, alternating the bowls with the different color mixtures. I arrange the colored balls in the tray at a distance from each other so that they do not become stained! Colored candies of any color can be placed in a different container – so it will be easier to move without mixing the colors and become stained!
  • I put the finished candies with the tray in the fridge and let them stand there for a few minutes to harden. The flowers become more saturated, and the aromas of the spices mix and begin to dominate the buckwheat.
  • Before serving, I put each candy in a paper candy form and serve in a beautiful plate.


  • Nutritional value per 100 g of product:
  • Energy value – 259.12 kcal.
  • Protein – 11.39 g.
  • Carbohydrates – 35.45 g.
  • Fat – 8.18 g.
  • Fiber – 6.86 g.
  • From this quantity 31 pieces are obtained candies of 30 g / piece. or 62 pcs. 15 g / piece