We are Rayna and Danail Stoyanovi

A family of lovers of delicious food, embarked on the path of a healthy lifestyle and spiritual growth.

We chose to leave the big city and returned to live in a village. We love our new daily life – fitness in the yard, walks in the mountains, offering us beautiful views.

We do not follow famous chefs, national cuisines and fashion trends in food. We use na   tural ingredients – no artificial colors, no artificial preservatives and no artificial sweeteners. We are looking for variety and balance in nutrition, since we eat only wholesome plant foods.

And so are born the freshest recipes, inspired by nature.

For us, healthy food is delicious when prepared with love and inspiration!

Rayna Stoyanova

I like to cook as well as experiment in the kitchen. Every product is a challenge and inspiration for me! I like the contrasts in the food – in the tastes and aromas, in the textures and colors, in the cooking techniques and the ways of serving it. For me, the products are a palette of colors, through which I turn my dishes into a picture. In my hectic daily life I rely on quick and easy recipes. Although like everyone else, I have preferences, but I try to keep our food balanced and varied. My passion is pastries and desserts, on which I spend special time and refine the details.

Danail Stoyanov

I like to eat delicious food and cook when needed. I experiment with flavors and plant products from around the world, but my combinations are sometimes weird. I like spicy food – with lots of spices and hot taste. I love sweet things, but I try not to overdo them. For me, it doesn’t matter what the food on my plate looks like, the important thing is that it is tasty and varied. And as a former active athlete, I know that daily nutrition should be well balanced. In my opinion, to be healthy you need – a balanced gluten-free vegan diet, active movement and a calm mind.